Fringe 5x13

Fringe 5x13

Drop it.


Fringe 2x09.

Fringe 110: Safe

I know where they’re going. There’s an abandoned air strip out there. It’s called Little Hill Field. “Little Hill”. That’s the codeword that Joseph Smith gave to David Robert Jones.

Fringe 5x11

Fringe 5x11


Olivia Dunham picspam per episode - 1x07 "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones"


fringe 4.22 brave new world part two

September: We have to warn the others. They are coming.

Walter: Who’s coming?

Walter: I quite like weddings. DId I ever tell you about the time your mother and I, God rest her soul, got married? She was so beautiful, Peter. So beautiful in white. I won’t deny I was never happier.